Analog logic (8HP)

Inspired by:
LogicOgic by AniModule.

interactive version

I actually realized that AniModule kindly made the LogicOgic design files available after I rolled my own. Oh well.

The panel and functions are definitely inspired by the original LogicOgic, but the internals are part Mutable Instruments Kinks, part own design. As a result, this version does things a bit differently.

The buffer/inverter is an actual Schmitt trigger, so it will process any signal into clean digital logic. The OR and AND sections implement Kinks' analog logic: they return the maximum and minimum voltage of their inputs respectively, not just a logic signal. They can combine gates or triggers just fine, but work equally well on any CV or audio signal. Finally, the flip-flop is just a flip-flop (again driven by Schmitt triggers, but so was the original).

Build notes

I may have gone a bit overboard experimenting with DTL in this module, as a result there's over 50 transistors & diodes in the design... Most of them had some kind of purpose though!