Bari Due

Quadruple voltage-controlled LFO (10HP)

Inspired by:
Batumi by Xaoc Devices.

interactive version (top PCB)
interactive version (bottom PCB)

Inspired by the form and function of Xaoc Devices' Batumi, though the internal design and firmware is entirely my own.

Bari Due is a quadruple digital triangle LFO fed through additional analog square and sine wave shapers. Its three modes of operation are free-running (the rate of each LFO is independent of the others), phased (channel 1 sets the rate, channels 2-4 can be offset in phase from the first), and divided (channel 1 sets the rate, the rate of channels 2-4 is a division of the previous channel). The rate, phase or division can be controlled via CV, and the LFOs can be frozen (rising edge) and reset (falling edge) through the Sync inputs.

The highest rate for each channel is roughly 15 Hz, down to about 0.02 Hz (50 seconds) in free-running and phase modes. In divide mode the last channel can go down to a cycle every 19 days!

Build notes

It may be prudent to kludge in some protection diodes for the transistors driving the slider LEDs, though I doubt that's really needed. They are not included in the first PCB version.