Dual voltage-controlled LFO (6HP)

Inspired by:
Batumi by Xaoc Devices.

interactive version (top PCB)
interactive version (bottom PCB)

This started as a prototype for bigger brother Bari Due, both modules share many functionalities. The main difference is that there's only two LFO channels, but they both have a triangle wave (with analog square and sine shapers) and a saw wave output. The single Sync input acts on both channels at once, otherwise the modes of operation are identical to Bari Due.

Since there's only two channels to keep track of, Bari runs at slightly higher rates (up to about 30 Hz).

Build notes

I never got around to updating the BOM, the unknown resistor values should be: 47K for the inputs (the top 4 resistors closest to the OFFSET trimmer), and 200K for the feedback ones (the 4 resistors hugging the TL074 op-amps).