CV/gate sequencer (8HP)

Inspired by:
Baby8 by Kristian Blåsol (among others).

interactive version (top PCB)

Clocks come in, CV and gates come out. Baby's first synth module.

I am ashamed to admit how many iterations it actually took me to get this module just right. Switches for each step activate the Gate output (AND-ed together with the clock, so pulse width modulation can be applied there), the Reset output (fed through the Cascade output, so several modules can be daisy-chained together by crosspatching these jacks), or neither.

The density of the controls is right on the edge of being cramped (though not more so than some Mutable clones), this is not a module for people with large hands.

Build notes

The CD40106 (hex Schmitt trigger inverter) serves as a pulse delay to prevent an active gate from going high again on the next clock, since this next clock will also have to clear that active gate step. If you're very particular about timing this may need some tweaking since the delay using the specified values is quite aggressive (tens of milliseconds, or more?), but I much prefer not having duplicate gate outputs to having a millisecond-precision clock in this case.