4ms DLD

Dual Looping Delay (20HP)

Based on:
DLD by 4ms.

interactive version

My own layout of the 4ms DLD (v1.0). I have tried to put the controls in roughly the same location as in the original (due to component density there's not always much choice), but don't expect the original panels to fit.

Build notes

The first version of this PCB has two fixable issues:
1) the Dry/Wet Mix potentiometers are switched (side A actually controls side B and vice versa), this can easily be fixed in firmware.
2) the main Clock Out suffers from poor redesign on my part, and needs a bit of kludge to increase its voltage to more useful levels (already included in the BOM).

The Delay Feed and Mix pots need to be installed without their legs to leave enough room for components below, just snip them off. This is actually an improvement over the original where none of the pots seemed to have legs.

Note that, since I use 10-pin power headers in all my designs, there is no option to clock this particular design from or into the bus.

Firmware is here (note that this has the swapped Mix pots for my v1 PCB).